Combining Data From Multiple Trials

Three trials that were specifically designed to test whether vitamin D supplementation reduces risk of diabetes in people with prediabetes have been completed. In these trials, the risk of diabetes was lower with vitamin D vs. placebo, but the observed differences were not statistically significant, and the reported relative risk reductions (12 to 13%) were smaller than each trial was powered to detect (25 to 36%).

A consortium has combined individual participant data from these trials (D2d [US], Tromsø [Norway] and DPVD [Japan]) to determine whether vitamin D supplementation reduces the risk of diabetes in participants with prediabetes and also answer additional questions that the individual trials were underpowered to address.

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Below you can find out more about our story which highlights a large body of studies our team has conducted since 2002 related to the effect of vitamin D on development of diabetes.